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You deal with two guys, Mayweather, the No. Mayweather also owns a welterweight title and would go back to pounds to fight him. And if our paths crossed, it would be great. At the same time, he also missed me a lot.

He's got a lot of experience. It's the biggest fight Floyd can possibly make. In the later rounds, I felt frustrated. Mayweather continued to land right hands against a seemingly confused and tiring Alvarez in the sixth round.

But all those shots Alvarez took added up to a landslide for Mayweather, who has said he plans to fight again next May and next September. From wire to wire, lowest rates for consolidating student loans Floyd Mayweather Jr. Perhaps the relatively weak performance of the Guerrero fight convinced Mayweather to pursue the bout that would generate by far his biggest buy rate.

His defense, as always, was tight, and his punches were fast. Mayweather was so quick, he evaded nearly every heavy shot Alvarez threw.

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Schaefer said getting the September fight finalized was difficult. He can take a loss and bounce back. It's the one everyone wants to see. These are two guys with huge egos and you need to know the fine line. But none of those opponents were remotely in Mayweather's class.

It gets no bigger and better than this. He landed his right hand almost at will and peppered Alvarez with solid jabs. It was an exhausting day, but it was a great day. Pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But this time, Mayweather sought the catchweight. Despite it being a tactical fight early, Mayweather, with his quickness, was able to land jabs and move out of the way before Alvarez's slower punches could connect. It was a great day to deliver this fight. He surely will earn much more once the profits from the Showtime pay-per-view event are tallied. One possible opponent is junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia, who outpointed Lucas Matthysse in the co-feature.

The Mayweather-Alvarez fight, however, promises to be much bigger. Although Mayweather cruised, the judges incredibly made it a majority decision. Guerrero was relatively unknown and did not have Alvarez's fan base. Honestly, I couldn't find him.

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Mayweather masterful to top Canelo

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But that was all that was available to him. It's the biggest fight in all of boxing. But Mayweather shook it off and began to open up with his punches even more, tagging Alvarez to the head with more right hands and working the body.

Mayweather snapped Alvarez's head back with another right in the fourth round, and Alvarez retaliated with a low blow, drawing a warning from referee Kenny Bayless. The one thing Alvarez had some success with was landing punches on Mayweather's arms. But that added bulk made no difference, as Mayweather was his typically elusive self. There is no doubt he's a great fighter, a very intelligent fighter. We will either go for the kill or we don't.

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There were times it looked like it's not going to happen. He landed a really clean right hand and was doubling up his jab, and Alvarez's face began to swell. My dad had a brilliant game plan. Both fighters tried to establish their jabs in the opening round, although Alvarez also went for Mayweather's body in an effort to slow him down. She also is one of the two judges who gave Timothy Bradley Jr.

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