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No matter how hard she tried keeping her personal life a secret, media always managed to sneak in, figuring out who her boyfriends were. Her major role was that of Allie Bennett in Black Sash.

Personal life Sarah Carter is

However, she has chosen to keep details about her husband secret. But it just doesn't end there, as initiating a family is equally important to strengthen the bond between the partners.

Let's find out who the man is with whom she is enhancing her family life. The following year she appeared in three episodes of Small Ville, where she played the role of Alicia Baker. After being single and having her status as available in the dating scene for quite a long, she has finally got hitched to her longtime boyfriend. Dead or Alive, playing the role of Helena Douglas, a fighter who enters a martial arts contest. Her first major role in television series, Black Sash where she played the role of Allie Bennet in gained her a popularity in the industry.

Only a few out of many couples reach the level of such commitment. However, the relationship lasted for just a year. The ceremony was a perfect storm of friends, family, and fireworks. Along with being a versatile actress, Carter is also a passionate singer.

She was then accompanied by the independent filmmaker Frank E. She had kept all the details of her man to herself without even disclosing when they tied the holy knot.

We promised each other we were down to love each other for the rest of our lives, and we were off running into the ocean as a married couple. Personal life Sarah Carter is a married woman. Sarah Carter and the men she dated so far. Sarah and her partner are one of such few couples, as she got married to the man she loved her with all her heart.

We promised each other we were

Making a decision of sealing a relationship through marriage is vital for anybody. The leggy lass based on L.