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He returns to Rosewood in season five. Following this, his friendship with Hanna and Caleb is severely strained, and Lucas grew increasingly more troubled. He divorced Hanna's mother, Ashley, after having an affair with Isabel, his current wife. After Aria has a dream that Ezra got arrested because of her she decided they should see other people, something Ezra had already suggested. Spencer mentions to Melissa that Wilden was blackmailing her to do so, but Melissa never confirms this suspicion.

Meredith became a teacher at Rosewood High. For a short time, Emily lives with Hanna, after her mother moves to Texas to live with Emily's father, who is stationed in Fort Hood.

She pushed Bethany into the ground and buried her, unaware that she was still alive, thereby killing her. Carlo Marks who plays Ian in the pilot episode. He seemed to forgive Aria and their relationship is better. Kate is shown to possess a malicious streak, with a willingness to use manipulation for her own purposes.

In the third season, Hanna has trouble telling Caleb about what is going on in her life, causing him to break up with her. We later find out that his secret is more serious than it seemed at first when he accidentally reveals a very large bruise on his stomach, but he tells Aria not to worry about it. Spencer and Ezra escape and Alex is detained.

In the summer finale, he accompanies the Liars to Ali's grave. It is revealed that Byron didn't kill Alison, even though she was blackmailing him about the affair.

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After the incident Byron did end all ties with Meredith because he felt threatened. In season five, he starts dating Aria, after he had been tutoring her. After asking Byron to move out, and his refusal, she left the home. It does not tell when or if he was still seeing his therapist. Alex was given up for adoption to a British family by Mary during her birth.

After getting a teaching job at Hollis, she hints at wanting to reconcile her relationship with Ezra. He paid a private investigator to look into Ali's disappearance, as he was afraid that Melissa had something to do with it since he found out Melissa had been sending Ali threatening text messages. His relationship with Aria is often strained by the fact that they have to hide that they are together. However, she ends the affair when she realizes that Tom will never change.

In the summer finale