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Diamond division matchmaking

But, the thing is, I mostly play competitive because casual isn't at that top-of-the-line state I was just expressing. Clans are only matchmade against clans of the same division. They can also invite their friends.

The automatic setting will matchmake your clan using your total population against other clans of a similar roster size. We all want to have a relaxing fair game, not an effortless win, one after another.

So, you get on to play with your buddies in comp. Bronze to Silver, or Silver to Gold. Here's a point out to a hopefully simple fix Rocket League could use. But my light-up-idea for an improvement would be to treat casual matchmaking more often than not. This may vary from a warning to disqualification to an outright ban.

Finally, you can just open up your map and choose the automatch option from there. Most clans that make reports suspect opponents of cheating when they see rapid movement on the play field. And, for my condition, I do play competitive every day. We all know that we mostly do competitive because the game is fun, and fair, along with the competitive taste. Any clan found to be cheating is subject to penalties commensurate with their behavior.

Occasional mistakes can make

Occasional mistakes can make teammates cry. Purple Cabbage The cream of the crop, they often steam their opponents. Losing a match will not count against your Season Reward Level in any way, even if the loss causes you to drop a Tier or Division.

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This means it is possible to advance from Bronze to Platinum in one war. Don't cheat, someone will notice and it is very likely that you will take your friends down with you. The four primary divisions Bronze-Platinum compete in the same war.

Game after game this occours. Losses do not subtract from your win total, and your progress will be stored even if you get demoted.

Any clan member who earns a win after a war has started and is not currently benched will take one of the active roster slots, and will be marked active in the app. As with all promotions, Master League placement can only occur after winning a match.

New clans are placed in Bronze and advanced based on their performance in Clan Wars. With no more easy rides, you'll have to bring your best to challenge for the top spot.