Paige moved to California

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Courtesy of Devon Werkheiser Hear Ned roar. Her fans were thrilled and Lindsey Shaw was excited as well.

Courtesy of Devon Werkheiser Just horsing

Heightline learned she was introduced to an acting teacher, Jeremiah Comey after they settled in Los Angeles. Joseph Dougherty, the executive producer had to explain the decision to eliminate the character. Along the way, Ned Bigby Devon Werkheiser shared his top secret tips to make the best of those awkward teen years. The erstwhile pescatarian is worried about nutrition in America.

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My year-old self would not be able to handle this pic. Courtesy of Devon Werkheiser Just horsing around. The character has been one of the best parts of her life, career, and journey, the actress divulged. This only goes to show that the figures quoted as her net worth are based on speculations.

Courtesy of Devon Werkheiser Those matching dresses though. Paige moved to California. The value of everything she owns is best known to her. Still not over that moment, to be honest.