His ethnicity is African American

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Let him figure out how to stand on his own two feet. Show him that marriage is a garden that needs tending forever. Show him how to march to the beat of his own drummer. Irving watched his father as he participated in basketball adult-league games in New Jersey and his love for and interest in the game grew. He was raised by his single mother who had to work two jobs to sustain the family.

He named her after his late mother, Elizabeth Irving. Because someday my boys are gonna stop pretending to be heroes and actually become them.

They started dating and got married as soon as they were out of college. His first dates should be with you. Teach him to be both a gracious winner and loser.

Make sure he knows how to be by himself and be okay. His ethnicity is African American. Teach your boys to respect women as equals. His mother passed away while he was just four years old and he was mostly raised by his father with the help of his aunties.

Perseverance is far more than half the battle. Expose him to the farthest corners of our world to the best of your ability, even if that means in books and in your own kitchen. Take off your shoes and dance along in your bare feet when he does. Teach him that real men wear pink. She died when Irving was four years old.

Dred, as his father is fondly called also grew up in a difficult family situation. Upon the death of his mother, his aunties played a great role in his upbringing. Get out that rainbow loom and whip up a promise bracelet as fast as you can.

He has had other affairs bothTheir initial stay in Australia

He has had other affairs both before and after his relationship with Wilson. Their initial stay in Australia was because his father, Drederick played basketball for the Bulleen Boomers in Australia during his playing career. The couple relocated to Australia where Dred played until he retired. Teach him that kindness wins. So I went on a mission asking every mother I knew for advice.