Dating vitebsk

Dating vitebsk

Having you in my life is more important to me than anything. Anyway they said that Western Union is the safest and the quickest way of sending the money. It is enough for me that you will be by my side.

You are my dearest friend, my all and I count days for the moment of our first touch. Each letter was so perfect it seemed that she read my mind. And I think that the sooner you send the money the better because we both will know that I am coming exactly and nothing can change. Auntie said that I have a very good man there, which I would like to visit and I was allowed to be separated form the group.

It will be a student exchange and the group of students will be living in an American families. But I hope that I will meet you and will be happy with you.

Each letter was so perfect it

She she is a teacher, according to her diploma. Some American's students were here last year and now it is a return visit.

She wrote to me everyday of the week without fail. If you will agree this idea I will be also in that group.

She goes by the name of Viktoryia Siaminova in Minsk and gave an address. For further credit Account R here, between the brackets, may be inserted any name May be other accounts.

You are my

Of course in the first month she said she was doing fine and didn't need any money. This is what my heart wants, to be with you forever. She is working at one of the University's here.

It's so important for a woman to know that she is loved and needed. The university will make all necessary arrangements including visa and the both way tickets. To be able to meet your parents and your friends.