It lasts approximately an hour

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The social introduction program is focused on carefully understanding and assessing each applicant. As it can be seen, it is easy to get together singles that share the same ideas and values. Here you will find a traditional approach to matchmaking. In order to get started it is mandatory to complete a confidential questionnaire. It is important to be relaxed and try to find out as much as possible about each other.

If everything goes well the participants

If everything goes well, the participants can exchange business cards and phone numbers. During the debriefing stage, the conclusions of the whole process are analyzed. Ruth is the right person that can help people get together and find love. For this reason, Perfect Partners tries to make this experience as fun and comfortable as possible.

During the debriefing stage

You will meet the matchmaker at the location in Toronto. For this reason, it is very easy to open up and share your wants and desires regarding a partner. It also suggested that the man contact the woman.

All you need to do is participate at the organized date and have fun. For this reason, all the clients are interested in starting a long-term relationship, and that can only lead to marriage. Finding love can be overwhelming, especially when you nearly have time for yourself. While waiting for a response from Sofi, you can get prepared for the first date.

It is highly recommended to be as hones and accurate as possible. This great matchmaker manages to establish a close connection with her clients.