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Dating revere ware pots

Skillets may also be improperly measured, as the cooking surface is slightly smaller than the marked or measured size. Domestic manufacturing was nonexistant, all production having been outsourced to far-eastern plants. Like all collectibles, some pieces have become more desirable than others. As the primary purpose of the pan is omelettes, it is not intended for use with a lid. Revere turned away from inovation as a source of new products, and focussed instead on diversity.

If steam is used to rehydrate, the food is not soaking in the water, as it would be with boiling. Everything the food touches is stainless steel, and the more I cook with stainless steel on the stove, the less I care for plastic and microwave ovens.

Because of the lack of company records inconsistencies and uncertainties exist in the information presented here. The copper core material was made in-house at the Rome plant using a Braze-bonding process which created the three layer sandwitch in using techniques developed elseware.

The copper core

Revere combined them all in when it introduced Revere Ware at the Chicago houswares Exposition. Bakelite although somewhat heat-resistant was reserved for stove-top utensils where temperatures were generally lower. Lid Diameters can also lend to confusion, as the correct Stainless Steel lids of vintage pre-Corning Revere Ware have belled lips. Initially, the discs were brazed and buffed in Korea, and the final product assembled at Clinton.

During this same period, Revere failed to maintain its market position. This reduced the number of production dies needed, kept parts inventories down, and reduced customer cost fewer pieces were needed for a set.

Thankfully, there are easy ways to identify the most desirable periods. Stainless steel was unsatisfactory as a cooking surface a poor heat conductor, it tends to burn food rather than cook it. Also available as Centura Clear with the aluminum disc bottom, and glass lids.

Because of the lack of