There was a real connection here

Dating ariane 2019

Mike's patience paid offOf course Mike being the

And she was spending nearly all of her time at my apartment. She has since told me she was glad I didn't think she was crazy.

We have had so many amazing people come into our lives from then to now and we couldn't be happier to share this truly magical moment with you all. He had envisioned this moment happening in his head over and over again.

When Ari's profile popped up on my phone, I knew right away I was looking at something special. With Ariane's busy work schedule at the time, she ended up arriving towards the end of the conference.

Of course, Mike being the gentleman he is, offered to get Ariane anything to make her feel better. Mike's patience paid off, the pursuit was over and Ariane finally let down her walls. He didn't care, he just wanted to see her. Ariane's favorite country bar at the time.