The show has really grown on him

Danny dyer daughter dating bible

Danny Dyer is apparently on his way to the villa. Danny Dyer is a pretty famous wind-up merchant.

Of course Dyer wasn't just there

The show has really grown on him. Dani has proved very popular on the show Danny's wife Jo Mas also recently opened up to The Mirror about her husband's reaction to their daughter's time on the show so far.

Although we think Strictly might not be up his street. He also seemed genuinely chuffed with how his daughter has done recently. But you know you're all watching it. However, things might just be about to get interesting enough for get even the hardiest of Love Island naysayers and you're fooling no one, by the way. The poster in question belongs to Jack Fincham, who is in a relationship with Dyer's daughter on the show.

Of course, Dyer wasn't just there to poke fun at his prowess in the bedroom. That's his daughter and they have a very close bond.

Hopefully Danny will actually follow through. Yeah, you claim you'd rather spend your time watching football, or down the pub, or doing pretty much anything else.

That's his daughter and they