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In Wales, there was an additional requirement to provide a quota of television programmes in the Welsh language. Building a castle was an expensive enterprise and a major drain on the finances of the princes. The opening night was marked by a networked variety special. The castles of the Welsh princes have a variety of common characteristics which distinguish them from their English equivalents.

The majority of European languages, including Welsh, evolved from a language now called Indo-European, which developed into nine different language groups, one of which was Celtic. Above all, you absorb a permeating sense of historical energy, and have visions of survival and warfare which once filled these marvelous structures.

Hundreds of these castles

Hundreds of these castles were built throughout Wales and may be spotted almost everywhere minus their timber defenses. In time of war, mobile supplies on the hoof would have been crucially important to the survival of the men of Gwynedd if forced to retreat into their mountain stronghold. Before the coming of the Roman empire, Celtic languages were spoken across Europe. Consequently, Welsh strongholds were isolated, frequently perched high on rocky outcrops, protected by sheer cliffs, and defended by deep-cut ditches.

In time of war mobile supplies

The castle built by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd at Ewloe lay close to the river Dee, and the one he began at Dolforwyn in lay almost within sight of the royal castle at Montgomery. They said if she survives the challenge then it could strengthen her position but that it was an important debate for the party to have. One thing is immediately apparent. Follow this link to see a cross section of a D-shaped Welsh tower.