The programme had its limitations

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She was then invited to women-only talks, called Islamic Talks for sisters or Islamic Circles for women, the location and times of which were only texted to her close to the time. But Allah one by one he will destroy them. Her real name is Rubana, a mother-of-four who lives in London with a known extremist and leading member of a now banned organisation.

For all her bravery, Aisha pulled off the undercover filming in a very simple way. Toddlers roamed round the community centre as the bile poured forth.

One of the meetings is held in a local Government-funded community centre without the managers realising what is going on. And it turned into must-see telly when one extremist rumbled Aisha. Staggeringly, these community meetings are funded with government money.

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There was too much of Aisha meticulously reading out text messages from the extremists. One of the leading members of the group is a woman who goes by the Twitter name Umm L. This grimly addictive programme was topped and tailed with footage of the Paris attacks. The Islamic extremists turned out the usual hateful stuff. Umm L is Rubana, a mother of four living in London and residing at the same address as a leading member of a banned extremist organisation.

There would have been nothing worse than intervention without full international support. What made it all the more horrifying was the humdrum setting.

And then came the Paris atrocities, which involved at least one woman extremist, Hasna Aitboulahcen, killed in a police raid after the attacks. One extremist had a day job as a careers adviser. The programme had its limitations. She called her a spy and demanded Aisha hand over her bag, with its hidden camera.