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Megan, on advice from Nick, goes outside, wraps a white cloth around the key chain and buries it, which should expel the spirit. In portraying the shortcomings of the liberal world, Rudolph reveals his own limited capacities to combat these real disorders. Deliberately or not, the author portrays the sea of prejudice and lies that the fascists have for the liberals as such. Megan and Nick decide to go to the city together.

Megan then digs up Malin's body, and finds that the key on the key chain is for Malin's bicycle, which was buried with her. She goes for a bath, but mud runs from the tap and the spirit appears.

All six of

All six of the friends go into the lake in their underwear and Nick calls forth the spirit with wine, which then drags Megan under the water. When Leonard arrives home, he finds Malin's key chain on the porch, put there by Megan. She finds farming equipment and several large knives. When it comes time for the annual summer solstice trip to a lake house in the bayous of Louisiana with her friends, Megan reluctantly decides to go. But the point does not stop there.

Once there, she begins to feel a presence she believes to be that of her deceased twin sister, who has recently committed suicide. As if love is not freedom in its essence.

Megan goes running, but she trips over a hole in the ground, and cracks her nail which she had foreseen in several nightmares. Leonard arrives home, and Megan has to jump out of the girl's window to escape. Whenever the shadow figure appears, or Megan has a nightmare, the key chain appears.

Megan realizes that the ghost is not that of Sophie, but Malin, and she takes Nick to the ruins she encountered earlier, when she fell over. They all get out of the lake afterwards. Malin's ghost appears, and Christian runs away towards the road.

After it disappears again, the key chain is lying on the floor. Megan chases him through the forest, but before she can reach him, he gets to the road and is hit by the police car that had been called out. Megan tells him about the chain and what she believes is Sophie's ghost.

The other friends all follow, including Christian with a gun. The ending shows Megan at Malin's grave. Christian then admits that the year before, when they all came to the lake house, including Sophie, he and Sophie were going for a drive and hit Malin. Back at the lake house, Nick comes for dinner on the night before the solstice. As she limps back to the road, she meets Leonard again.

And here begins the display of the eternal struggle between the hypocrite liberals Albert and Bettina and the sweet-rooted fascists the guest Rudolph who hide behind religion and alleged goodness. He is a doctor, polite and well mannered, but very soon we realize that what he actually represents is the essential antipode of everything that Albert and Bettina stand for. He works at a nearby gas station and provides the group with information on voodoo and other local superstitions. They then call the police. Nick and Megan get split up, and Christian almost shoots Nick.

As her friends try to get her out, she sees more visions. Not wanting to be arrested, they buried her in the forest. These theatrical attempts to understand, even without offering a solution, are an ideal opportunity for debates in society.