Calvin harris dating life

Calvin harris dating life

Whether Harris is serious about Aarika remains to be seen, and many have speculated that we may well hear wedding bells one day. The British singer was in his arms between May and May until Harris unceremoniously dumped her on Twitter.

After a year of loved up Insta posts and public declarations of love, Harris called time, and Tay-Tay was not amused. Rita Ora Harris clearly likes beautiful women in the music industry, so it's not surprising that he hooked up with Rita Ora. She didn't get the year long treatment, so this one must really have not gone especially well. Rees however slammed the rumours and publicly stated she was single on Twitter.

Rita Ora Harris clearly likes

Apparently the pair are now friends, but at the time Ora was humiliated by her past overs public farewell. Taylor Swift Harris was in a fairly long and very public relationship with singer Taylor Swift. They have kept most of their relationship pretty low key otherwise, with only a car accident where both fortunately escaped unscathed making headlines in recent months. So now you know who Calvin Harris is currently seeing, let's go back and take a look at some of the ladies from the past to have crossed his path.

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