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There have been rumors for months that Henry cheated on his girlfriend with Jackson, but Urban Belle Mag reports that Henry maintains he did not have a physical hook up with Jackson. Since the first season, Kat has had some time to reflect and think. Her artistic sought-after style has lead celebrities and athletes like Jamie Collins, Aldon Smith and Sergio Brown to her seat for an imprint. She describes herself as an introvert and very in-tuned to her emotions which keeps her from embarrassing situations.

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However, there was one moment we all can't forget. We asked about her friendships and if they were still good since the first season. It's not a good idea, unless it is something serious. We hope it will be sooner than later.

MillionaireMatch was able to talk to Kat between fittings and photo shoots to promote the new season. Henry was in the shower, while Jackson was in a towel and laughing.

Watch a clip of this reveal below. She's one of my biggest role models. Henry did, however, admit to an emotional affair with Jackson, which he said was disrespectful to his relationship with Leigh. It's not easy living life in front of the camera. Dating on the job may not be the best idea.

Might have been once, might have been multiple times, but it was a fuck up, but I own that shit. He has said that he cheated on longtime love Leigh in the past, but that he and Jackson did not have sex. Chicago has yet to release a date that fans can tune in to the show. When the cast was in a cabin together, Charmaine Johnise walked into the bathroom and found Henry with Jackson in the room together. Chicago, Henry talked about how happy he was to have Leigh and his son back as permanent parts of his life, as the couple has had their ups and downs over the years.