This is a typical Korean drama

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But presently Toram begins to droop. Kongji on the contrary, appears to be the nice, kind, friendly girl, but in fact is jealous of Patji and tries hard to scheme against her. Yang-soon's first contact with city life doesn't begin well. The supporting cast did a good job as well.

He has cancer of the spleen, yet no matter how sick he is, he insists on staying with Suk-yeon. Park Yong-ha, fresh off his previous high profile drama Winter Sonata, takes on the lead role of Lee Hyuk, an aspiring director with a hot and short temper. Ki-suh's fiancee, Cha Ji-min, is also a doctor, working in a rural clinic. Perhaps this could be attributed to the slow start-up pace of the drama. Beautiful Days, Truth, Winter Sonata that it is becoming numbing for the audience to see her in such pitiful renditions.

It would be almost criminal leaving Kong Hyo-jin out of the picture. Complicating the situation is the fact that prince Yool used to be the Crown Prince and she was originally betrothed to him. After she dies, Ki-suh sits outside the temple where her funeral is taking place. Portraying a composed, sensitive new age guy, he has clearly done a good rendition of what is required of his role. Winter Sonata is a captivating story.

Then and now, the two are merely close colleagues. Nor will be a performer be hired who looks the part too well.

This might just be the funniest drama I've seen all year, because it never takes itself seriously. Alas, this drama is not exactly captivating or exciting. However, like how most Korean dramas go, their meeting was not immediate, but rather coincidental in the mountains three years later. The cast are all good, except possibly for Jang Hyuk, who I haven't seen before.

Due to a traffic accident, Eun-suh is hospitalized and requires a blood transfusion. But then Suk-yeon is blinded in an accident.

Kyung's emotional state often gets the better of her and she avoids problems instead of facing them. However, deep down, she is scheming, and tries in lots of ways to hurt Song-yee. Song-yee likes Hyun-sung, and when Hee-won finds out about it, she tells Song-yee that she will not like the same guy Song-yee likes. Written by Lee Hwan-kyung.

But presently Toram begins toKongji on the contrary appears

Ko Bok-su is neither a simple thief nor a perfect man. He has a heart problem and hides it from others and also vows not to fall in love again, as he thinks that his ill health will bring agony to the other party.

Perhaps what characterizes Snowman best is its refreshing change of pace from conventional fare, while remaining solidly footed in familiar terrain. Finally, it would be almost unjust to leave Kim Hae-sook out of the picture. And as it turns out, the parents of the Princes have a complicated past and love triangles all their own. The only flaw of Ruler of Your Own World is that, sadly, it eventually has to end.