The forty is incredibly mental

Average 40 yard dash time for a high schooler dating

Fans are totally unrealistic about their speed. Former stars like Barry Sanders and Hershel Walker swear by the benefits accrued from jumping rope. We all know how well oxymorons like controlled expression work in real life. There are fast surfaces and there are slow surfaces for the forty. When you do that, you're for sure going to get inaccurate times.

You roll into the bar, challenge them, have an official timekeeper and then collect your money. You have to picture yourself as the cannonball and come flying out at full speed.

That first step needs to explode out as far as you can possibly get it to go. And you only have to do it all at the exact same time with millions of dollars relying on each element working perfectly. It requires the same kind of fast-twitch muscles.

Fans are totally unrealistic about

The lighter you are on your feet the more you will engage your fast twitch fibers. But you have to accomplish that stride without losing your balance or compromising your second step. Of course I never come out that fast but my start has become the best part of my forty.

It's a coordinated process that involves strength, flexibility and practice. Well, hoops once a week but that is just for fun.

Former stars like Barry Sanders