Therefore, he also learned salsa

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He added that everyone was trying to bring something new and trying to change it. He has grey colored eyes and light brown hair. Therefore, he also learned salsa. Besides, he has also appeared in music videos and acted in few shows. He currently appears on Dancing with the Stars and has toured with the Dancing with the Stars live show.

He moved towards the United States in the year and started as a dancer. He was born and raised in Russia, but currently, he resides in Palo Alto, California.

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Artem joined the company of a major touring dance show and traveled extensively performing on Broadway and in the West End. Artem parents were also running a dancing institute. Being a dancer he has maintained good body physique.

His birth name is Artem Vladimirovich Chigvintsev. Salary and Net Worth His salary has not been disclosed.

He said he has always been a big believer in not trying to change something that is working good. This marks the third season in a row where Chigvintsev and his partner have left as part of a double elimination. Early Professional Life, Career Artem was not much serious in his education because of his dedication to dancing.

He moved towards the