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The problem was that if they did it as a straight-up Jekyll and Hyde movie, it would give away the ending. Hyde with the names changed, and it got sued by the R.

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In a similar vein, Sega followed Nintendo's footsteps after the failure of the film adaptation of House of the Dead. During the period of the dispute, the films continued to air occasionally on Boomerang.

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The lawyers had to be convinced no one would sue. Unfortunately, the copyright holders of the songs complained. The reason the lawyers got involved is that the only way to really give it a chance to make enough money to continue was to make it into a book. Rom was a space based hero who fought gigantic Eldritch Abomination creatures called the Dire Wraiths in the Marvel Universe. Shigeru Miyamoto himself hinted such reconsideration.

While they thought he perfectly captured his character, they wanted to bring Mickey's mischievous character their own way. The best we've seen in Marvel these days is a Serial Numbers Filed Off offspring who talks about a great hero.

Not for copyright law or anything, though that could be considered a major factor, but because of how certain characters are portrayed. We cover high-end system builds, where you'll want to turn to bespoke water-cooling solutions, through to budget rigs, and plenty in-between. Unlike Nosferatu, this one really seems to be gone forever. This event, along with his reputation of being non-cooperative on set, contributed to his eventual downfall.

The game was revived, but is now sailing in a slightly different direction. Thus, the movie was banned from official release.

Warp came out with its own Wavedancers series featuring new characters, while Black Mermaid is reportedly working on something called Elf Fin. But Games Workshop refused to grant permission.

Backed up by our punishing benchmark suite, you can rely on our expertise. Owing to the circumstances, a Conspiracy Theory exists where the creditors put a contract out on the producer just to screw Bava's greatest masterpiece over. This arrangement was similar to the one Sega and Paramount made with Warner Bros. First was Mickey, who was portrayed as mischievous.