Alice is too clueless to notice

Animal crossing new leaf dating

Possibly interested in a relationship someday, but scared to pursue one.

Very shy, like, painfully so. The Welcome amiibo update for New Leaf features villagers in total. Dating Shep on the down low. All she knows is that she always likes both, and wanted a place where nobody would give her shit for that. More open about the relationship than Walker.

Into men, but not interested in an actual relationship. Generally pretty friendly, but very sarcastic, and come come across as harsher than she wants to be because of it. City Folk features villagers in total. She especially has this problem with Alice, and is afraid she scared her off because of it.

Very shy like painfully

Covers up his fear with his suave nature. Her orientation is somewhat fluid like that. Doubutsu no Mori features villagers in total. New Leaf features villagers in total.

The Welcome amiibo update

Likes girls, identifies as a lesbian. All he cares about is having a place to relax and be himself. Alice is too clueless to notice. She knew she was trans most of her life but only recently came to terms with being bi because her shyness makes her very awkward and flustered with subjects like romance and sex.