Camila tells him to chill

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Dio gets done making his purchase and calls Isadora to tell her not to be late to the meeting with Estevez. Isa says Buenaventura won't be a problem, but he'd better come through with La Malquerida. He's a systems engineer in Chile until he loses his job due to bad economic times. Pablo catches them hugging and is suspicious, but Luzma pretends it was just a goodbye hug. She is easy to manipulate and weak of character.

Vivi tells Piedad she won't tell anyone, but she wanted to be there to support her. Slow-mo happy family moment. When he is named heir of Daniel Monterde, he's slandered and goes to jail accused of killing his wife. Camila tells them both to be careful. He says this sure does challenge her decision to put her personal life first.

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Hipolito has them shove it under his jacket, which is not convincing at all. Daniel tells Dante that he has to visit Dr. Roman refers to Rafa as his dad, saying it's too bad everyone's skipping out on his dad's book party. Daniel plans to talk Miriam into re-taking the exams.

Once everyone else leaves, Dorotea asks how it went at the doctor. The tech walks Piedad out to the waiting room and tells her that she needs to come back on Monday, when the doctor will have the test results. Camila thought bubbles that Dionisio knows her weak spots are her mother and Daniel. The briefcase makes it into Osvaldo's office and Camila tries the combination Agustina overheard, but it doesn't seem to be working. Dio brags that while Isa is killing Cayetano, Camila will be giving him what he, ahem, most desires.

Hipolito jimmies the lock with his knife and everyone stares at whateverthehell is in the mystery briefcase. Hipolito will go with them and get dropped off in the square. Aurelio is interrupted by Yago, who wants him to come to the office to discuss the next shipment of bulls.

Teresa has just gotten a job offer, and Padre Anselmo thinks it's a great offer, with a prestigious law firm in Mexico City. Teresa gets back to her room at Amanda's and consults yet another calendar, then the pregnancy test that I hope she purchased about five towns over or eeeeeverybody's going to know about it. Dante tells Daniel that Teresa hasn't made up her mind yet and he doesn't think it's right to ask her to leave everything behind for him. Luzma has cooked up some new scheme to push Mayalen into Pablo's arms. Vivi tells Camila that she's there because Daniel called her.

She's losing her sense of hope. He tells Natalia she can always count on him and she should think of him as a big brother. His concern is that because of family history and her age, she needs to have a mammogram right away. Natalia finds it, but Luzma asks how the hell he's going to get it past the guards.

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She is an ambitious, unscrupulous hypocrite. Vivi, Rafa, and Roman are having more family fun time when Padre Anselmo comes to visit. Dio tells her to kill the old guy on Saturday so he can be buried on Sunday and the ranch can be hers on Monday. Hipolito is pissed they didn't tell him so he could drive them.

Dante says it doesn't matter who she is anymore, she's in the past and Teresa is in the present. He hands over the request for her to take down to the lab. Valtierra, and even though he authorized her to travel in spite of the aneurysm, I don't agree with his diagnosis. The ladies play pin the kiss on the bachelor. Her happiness is his only comfort.