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We looked at it from every conceivable angle. In this phase, al-Qaeda expected the resistance from Israel to be heavily reduced. Those forces mostly operated in areas not under Saddam's control.

And this camp is located in northeastern Iraq. Al-Qaeda expected a steady growth among their ranks and territories due to the declining power of the regimes in the Arabian Peninsula.

Yet, scant proof of these links was presented. During this stay, nearly two dozen extremists converged on Baghdad and established a base of operations there. In that part of the America-hating universe, contacts happen. Many in the intelligence community are skeptical about whether such meetings, if they took place at all, ever resulted in any meaningful relationship.

Yet scant proof of these links

We would then spread south to the areas of our fraternal Sunni brothers. According to the reporting, Iraqi officials offered Bin Ladin a safe haven in Iraq. Bin Ladin is said to have asked for space to establish training camps, as well as assistance in procuring weapons, but there is no evidence that Iraq responded to this request.

He was not their commander. The Military Committee, which is responsible for training operatives, acquiring weapons, and planning attacks. It is wrong to say that we didn't look at it. And so if there was any contact between them, it was a contact that was rebuffed rather than a contact that led to meaningful relationships between them. Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda link allegations timeline During the lead-up to the Iraq War, two questions were raised regarding an alleged connection between Saddam Hussein's government and al-Qaeda.

Cheney would subsequently appear on the Sunday political television talk shows to discuss the intelligence, referencing The New York Times as the source to give it credence. And this support continues. According to the official, the Iraqis wanted the U. The defectors were inconsistent about a number of details.

Sudanese Islamic leader Hassan al-Turabi, to protect his ties with Iraq, brokered an agreement with Bin Laden to stop supporting activities against Saddam. Every single investigation has resulted in the conclusion that the data examined did not provide compelling evidence of a cooperative relationship between the two entities. Security Council on the issue of Iraq.

The network remains in Baghdad. These were militants who mostly planned their own operations and looked to bin Laden for funding and assistance.

During this stay