We found her to be very talented

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Clearly, Mohit takes giant strides with this one. But I was pretty sure I wanted Aditya and Shraddha to play my protagonists. Nor is it a recreation of the successful film.

Furthermore, the chemistry between Aditya and Shraddha is incredible, which also proves yet again that the right casting can work wonders. Aditya Roy Kapur's depiction of the intense character is outstanding. Nor does it set in motion from where the first part concluded. But now we have scrapped that idea and found a fresh one.

We discovered that people lacked the courage to audition. Furthermore, the chemistry between Aditya and Shraddha is incredible. And the real triumph here is Shraddha, whose porcelain face has a haunting vulnerability. The fourth week collections were the third highest of all time. Vishnu Rao's cinematography is top notch.

Shaad Randhawa is first-rate in an important role. Aarohi's career continues to sky-rocket, while Rahul's career spirals downwards. My writer Shagufta Rafique and I saw them as the protagonists.

This one prides itself with a contemporary plot, has far more complex and intricate drama and offers abundant scope to its lead actors to display histrionics. Mahesh Thakur is effective as the music company baron, while Salil Acharya is adequate. One can feel the agony and desolation his character is going through.

In fact, the actor, who appears on the big screen after a hiatus, carries some tough moments with astonishing ease. Although the talented director has attempted thrillers in the past, he seems like an expert at handling the fragile emotions as well as the dramatic sequences with profound ease. The romance is lively, but it is the drama that catches your eye.

All three actors have extremely challenging dramatic roles. The fact that it makes the spectator's heart flutter and bleed clearly demonstrates his potency as an artiste of caliber and competence.

But I was pretty sure

Aditya gives Rahul's angst a certain charm. She's very good as the woman in the throes of a grand passion who believes that love will show the way.

See, Aditya and Shraddha may have had unsuccessful films before. The film's producers launched a nationwide talent hunt to discover new faces for the film, initially refusing to employ established actors.

Clearly Mohit takes